• 30% of families in Providence live in poverty.  Find out how we’re making a difference. Learn More About Us

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According to the Economic Progress Institute, roughly 14% of Rhode Island’s population is living under the poverty line. That makes Rhode Island the state in New England with the worst poverty rate. 43% of Rhode Islanders below the poverty line are considered to be living not just in poverty but in “deep poverty”.This bleak picture is life for thousands of Rhode Islanders.


“To provide compassionate assistance to the materially poor, while preserving the dignity of the human spirit and sharing the love and healing power of God.” We provide a soup kitchen every Monday, food pantry three days a week, holiday dinners, mentoring, health assistance and more. Anyone is welcome at Mary House.


Every volunteer takes something unique away from her/his experience at Mary House. As a volunteer you will help Mary House to continue her mission to offer assistance through the love and healing power of God.